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 Proudly serving Chatham-Kent and surrounding area's since 1996.

Buffing & Polishing:

demoPaint or Gelcoat on your car, boat or rv starting to look dull and faded, swirl marks, oxidized or light scratches, buffing will most of time correct these problems, contact us for an estimate.

August 05, 2014

Fabric Cleaning:

demoCarpets & Fabrics  dirty and soiled from road salt etc, an interior shampoo will help bring those fabrics back to a like new condition again, our commercial carpet extractor is the perfect tool to achieve such results, book an appointment or contact us.

August 05, 2014 

Odor Removal:

demoSmells & Odors in your car, boat or rv are a common problem due to spills, mildew, mold and soiled fabrics, combine our ozone service with a carpet shampoo and say good bye to those odors permanently. More info about ozone here.

August 05, 2014 

What's New:

Now accepting Credit Card Payment with Square at our shop & on location!


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Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Welcome to Absolute Detailing

         Here at Absolute Detailing we are as committed and as passionate today as we were back in 1996 to offering all of our customers the highest quality of material and workmanship in the vehicle reconditioning & detailing sector available. Our facility is located approximately 10 minutes outside Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

         We are fully insured with many years of training, knowledge, expertise, passion & dedication in the art of reconditioning vehicles, boats & recreational vehicles will be reflected in the final appearance of your detailed vehicle, we use only the highest quality of chemicals & equipment, we are constantly updating our skill sets, equipment and chemicals to keep up with the ever changing technology and techniques.

         We specialize in a wide variety of services some of which include interior and exterior cleaning & detailing, shampooing, waxing, compounding, high speed buffing, overspray removal, sap, tar & bug removal, odor removal, fabric & leather protection of cars, boats and RV's.

         We also offer our clients a complete mobile service for boat's & RV's which include, pressure & acid washing, compounding, high speed buffing, waxing, shampooing, odor removal, bottom cleaning. This makes it possible for us to bring the work to you the customer, at a marina, campground, business or residence. Mobile service is only available April 15th thru October 15th.

         For further information or questions concerning any of our detailing services please feel free to contact us we would be pleased to help.




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