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Professional Auto, Marine & RV Detailing
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        Here at Absolute Detailing we offer a wide variety of detailing services and complete reconditioning & cleaning packages to suit our customers and clients needs, we can improve the appearance of your used car, boat or RV with our reconditioning services. Don't sell until you have had a professional detailing performed, it can drastically increases the value of your car, boat or RV. New car owners can also benefit from our professional cleaning service's also, we can provide regular detailing to preserve that showroom condition and help avoid costly repairs.

        If by chance you do not see a service or package that suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email with your requirements and we will be glad to assist you in creating a custom detailing package to suit your specific detailing requirements.

         Our #1 goal is to provide all our customers and clients with the highest quality of products, equipment and technical expertise available to the industry. We offer free pickup and delivery of vehicles within our service area and a complete mobile service for boats and RV's. This adds greater flexibility to our business and allows you the customer a wider variety of services to choose from due to today's busy lifestyles.


Carpet & Fabric Extraction:

      Great addition to our interior detailing arsenal is the Malco Xtrax professional grade carpet extractor. This machine provides us a greater flexibility and cleaning power. With a 190 degree hot water cleaning power, a chemical injection rate of 100 psi and a 150 inches of water lift capability makes it possible for us to deep clean and sanitize all carpets and upholstery to a like new appearance, the ultimate in interior carpet and upholstery restoration. Contact us to book your next detailing appointment call 519-354-6106 or you may schedule an appointment online, it is a fast, convenient and 100% secure way of booking your next detailing appointment with us through our website.




       We have just added another smaller hot water carpet extraction unit to our tool box, this compact unit will give us more flexibility for smaller jobs.






Ozone Shock Treatment:


Another new addition to our interior detailing arsenal is the Pro 550 ozone generator, for shock treatment's to remove odor's from the interior of your vehicle permanently. This process is not a mask, it does not cover up the smell or odor with a fragrance like chemical sprays or foggers it Eliminates it! The Ozone Generator, or "The Lightning Storm In A Box" produces the same results as a good thunder storm. Have you ever noticed how fresh and clean the air smells after a storm? This is because that is natures way of creating ozone (the O3 molecule) that keeps our air clean by Sterilization. By using the Ozone Generator we are able to eliminate any smells that have occurred in your vehicles Interior by this Sterilization process. This is ideal for Smoke, Pets, Musty or Mildew smells, It has been known to completely remove the odor of Skunk in tests! Since ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in existence, it can easily destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and odors rather quickly. This service usually takes from a half hour to 2 hours depending on the severity of the odor. We strongly recommend having the full interior detail package performed before the ozone treatment, as this guarantees the source of the odor is eliminated and all interior surface's have been cleaned and protected before treatment. We believe we are the first to offer this treatment in our area so book your appointment now and get rid of those nasty odor's for good, click here for pricing or for an online appointment here or give us a call, we would be glad to schedule your vehicle for treatment. The illustration below gives you an idea of how this technology works.




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