Answers To Some Commonly Asked Questions

We have a few detailing support articles below you may be interested to know.

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Detailing Q & A



Common Detailing Questions & Answers

Q: Why are our prices higher than our competitors ?

A: We do charge a premium price to detail your vehicle because of our expertise, knowledge and training and the quality of our products, we do not put a time limit on the quality of work we perform. If you have been quoted lower elsewhere you will find the work done on your vehicle will reflect the price and fall short of a professional detail, you really do get what you pay for.


Q: What makes our detailing service's different than other detail shops ?

A: Just knowing how to make a vehicle shine is not enough. A professional posses knowledge about the chemicals, equipment & application on the various surfaces of each vehicle being worked on. We constantly update our skills, product and equipment to keep pace with the ever changing technology available, this keeps us in the top of our field.


Q: I am not sure what detailing service or package to have performed on my vehicle ?

A: No worries we are here to help, the key to customers satisfaction is going beyond just suggesting a service, we feel it is our responsibility and belief as a professional to educate the customer what each of our service's will provide and the benefit's that can be achieved.


Q: What kind of products will be used on my vehicle ?

A: This another factor that should not be over looked when considering detailing prices, Absolute Detailing uses the highest quality of professional grade chemicals & equipment that have proven to be successful, but just having access to such products is only half the battle, having the expertise and training on how, when and on what surface to use them is the key to a professional detailed vehicle and is the difference between amateurs and a professional detailer.


Q: Are all detailing shops the same as they all basically have the same services ?

A: That could not be farther from the truth unfortunately, most experts agree that it is the amount of time, care, equipment knowledge, chemicals, skill and training that define and separate the amateurs from the true professional's. Unsettling but true many may call themselves professionals but they do not stand up to or beyond the industry standards and they lack customer commitment. We take pride in our quality of workmanship and want our customers to do the same.




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