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Vehicle Individual Details


  Wax Exterior

  • Hand wash exterior and clean tires rims & wheel wells

  • Dry exterior

  • Apply a coat of premium wax & buff to shine

  Shampoo Interior

  • Vacuum interior carpets, floor mats & all upholstery

  • Shampoo carpet, floor mats & upholstery ( clean & apply conditioner to leather seats if not fabric)

  • Re-vacuum interior

  • Apply deodorizer, fragrance varies due to availability

  Interior Detailing

  • Clean all vinyl, instrument panel, dash, console, etc

  • Apply vinyl protectant to all vinyl, instrument panel, dash, console, etc

  • Clean windows inside & out

  • Clean and degrease door jams and weather striping

  Carpet & Fabric Protection

  • Apply fabric protection to carpet & fabrics ( prevents permanent staining of carpet & upholstery in the event of a spill inside your vehicle) This service is only recommended after cleaning of carpets & fabrics

  Paint Overspray, Tree Sap, Road tar Removal

  • We can remove the above contamination and surface defects depending on the amount of paint damage present, some require the use of clay bars, high speed buffing and a different variety of chemicals exclusively for the removal of such surface contamination.

  High Speed Buffing

  • For removal of wide variety of paint surface defects such as oxidization, swirls, minor scratches and of course for that deep wet look shine

  Chrome & Metal Polishing

  • We can clean and buff a wide variety of chrome and metals, such as rims, bumpers, aluminum tanks, checker plate etc, call for a quote


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