Appointment Policy


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Appointment Policy




        We have had an appointment policy in place for quite some time now but never felt the need to enforce it,  due to an increase amount of individuals scheduling appointment dates and not showing up for there appointment with no prior advance notice we are being forced to start to adhere to our original policy, a few bad apples tends to affect all customers over time and unfortunately this is the case, our appointment policy is below and will affect all customers from this point forward, we are very disappointed that it has come to this but we can not continue to have loss revenue because of no cancelation notice and a no show, thank you in advance.


Appointment Policy:


             Please be advised that once we confirm your reservation, we hold that date & time open for your vehicle's service and turn away other customers for your selected date in order to ensure your vehicle, boat or RV receives your scheduled detailing service. Because of this we require all cancellations be made within 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment. Otherwise you will be invoiced a cancellation fee of $45.00. Detailed billing information will now be collected during your appointment by phone. This information is automatically collected during your online booking process on our website and must be agreed upon before you submit your appointment to us.



















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